1. Measuring the magnetization
  2. Let’s sip a cup of magne-Tea-c
  3. Simulating an electromagnet in MATLAB
  4. Electric field lines in a coaxial cable.
  5. Making a home made magnetic compass
  6. Stoner-Wolhfarth model for magnetic materials
  7. Summer hover disk
  8. Customized fridge magnets
  9. Faraday’s law in Matlab
  10. Electric field at a point due to linear charge density
  11. Potential well in Matlab
  12. Interpolation in 3-D space
  13. The Anisotropy of Physics along linguistics
  14. Skin depth of EM waves in Matlab
  15. Monte-Carlo Integration in Matlab
  16. Faster multiplication using lines
  17. Percolation in Matlab
  18. Simulating magnetic field in current carrying wire
  19. 2D Biot Savart’s law Simulation
  20. Guide to good programming in Matlab
  21. Quantum Particle in a periodic Potential.
  22. Simulating flux lines of permanent magnets
  23. Image processing of multiple images simultaneously
  24. Frequency of a variable in a cyclic data.
  25. Normalization between -1 and 1
  26. Multi-curve fitting in Origin Pro.
  27. A simple  moving point average in Matlab
  28. Data syncing and backUP.
  29. Writing Impositions in Matlab
  30. Manipulating a string in MATLAB
  31. Obtaining magnetization orientation from magneto resistance
  32. Multi plot in Origin 9

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  1. Ankit Behera

    Hi, i’m class 8 student. I’m interested in quantum physics, and i’m looking for resources to learn it. I have a question that how I can start learning quantum physics and what are the scopes and job opportunities in physics.


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